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How to choose the suitable CNC engraving machine?

How to choose the suitable CNC engraving machine?
To some degree, a CNC engraving machine can reduce the manufacturing cost and improve processing efficiency. There are so many kinds of engraving machines in the market, how do you choose the right one? I suggest you to refer to the information of our buying leads. First of all, you should make sure the use of the machine, ascertain the model and characteristic to improve efficiency and productivity.

1.To make sure the processing material
At present,wood,stone,aluminum are widely used, so the engravers can be divided into woodworking engraving machines, stone carving machines, aluminum engraving machines, metal mould engraving machines and so on. Both stone carving machine and metal engraving machine need to install water channels. As their work materials are heavy, these machines must be stable and low noise while they are working. Generally speaking, metal engraving machine is required high precision and it is good at precisely engraving various kinds of artifacts.However,water channel is not required to woodwooking carving machines, so the machine is lighter.
The value of the processing material is also important, if its value is expensive, then the good configuration of the machine is necessary. Because of the high-end machine, errors can be minimized and working efficiency can be raised.

2.To make sure the shape of the work material
There are many shapes of the work materials, such as plate, square column,cylinder,irregular slab,ect.We can use the common engraving machines to engrave plates and some square column. The cylinder and irregular slab should be determined after communicating with the buyers.

3.To make sure the processing craft
What kind of products do you want to carve? Do you want to emboss, carve characters or hallow out?

4.To make sure the positioning accuracy

Nowadays, CNC engraving machines are fit for woodworking industry ,Jade processing industry, some metal carving, Styrofoam mold, wooden mold and so on.Theoretically,the positioning accuracy of the machine is ±0.05mm.

5.To make sure the working area and whether batch production
We can ascertain the model after make sure these factors. 

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